Chapter Presidents

Central...Pat Scully
Mt. Rainier...Lynette BarnettSpokane...Deb Carney
North Central...Southeastern...
Northwest...SW Puget Sound...
Peninsula...Vicki ValleyThree Rivers...Hollie Ferritto
Southeastern...West Coast...


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  1. Hi,

    My name is Timothy Sandiford and I am the activity director at Nisqually Valley Care Center in Mckenna, Wa. I was wondering how to you become a member.


  2. Timothy,


    I recommend that you get a hold of the Peninsula Chapter. I also encourage doing a membership with WSAAP and at the conference in September I will talk to someone to get in touch with you. I hope that you can come to the WSAAP Conference 2017. If not I have an email. please feel free to reach out to me. Cindy

    • Help is there any group near me? I am in Monroe which is in Snohomish County. There appears to be no active chapter in this area??

  3. WSAAP state Dues cost $30
    Chapters dues are set by chapters
    Usually $10 -$20
    Meeting for WSAAP Spring Board Meeting and Fall Meeting at the State Conference This year conference is in Spokane Sept 17th – 20th
    Super Heroes is the theme.
    If you are coming I can introduce you to your group closes to you.
    If not write to me and I will give you contact.
    Hope I will get to meet you soon.

    Thanks Cindy Wesche

  4. Hi,
    My name is Karen Kephart, I live in Everett and work in Shoreline. In what city is the closest chapter to me? What is the process to join my local chapter? Are CEU’S issued at the local chapter meetings or any other WSAAP meetings?

    Thank you,

  5. Karen the chapters do 4 yearly education at the meetings. Plus the conference. You would also hear of another education because the communication is shared through membership. Nice to have a group f professionals to call on for networking of issues you many have. Get ahold on me by I will give you the contact of your closes chapter.

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