About Us

Our Purpose
  • To cultivate excellence in providing therapeutic activity programming for the elderly in Adult Family Homes, Long Term Care facilities, Senior Centers, Assisted Living and Retirement communities.
  • To become aware and active in legislative issues that effect the elderly population in the delivery of activity programming.
  • To encourage continued strong community relations and educational opportunities in all regions.
Washington State Association of Activity Professionals (WSAAP)
  • To promote, encourage, and assist in the development of WSAAP chapters in their endeavor to promote leadership.
  • To initiate and participate in a statewide publicity campaign promoting National Activity Professional Week.
  • To encourage and cooperate with any college or institution in developing professional education and training for Activity Professionals.
  • To enhance the role and professionalism of WSAAP to ensure continued growth as a professional organization through chapter meetings, workshops, and Fall conferences.
  • To promote and encourage certification for Activity Professionals through the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP).
  • To host the Annual meeting for the entire membership each year.
History of the WSAAP

WSAAP was originally called Health Activity Volunteer Services (HAVS) and was established in June 16, 1965.

In September 24, 1984, the name of our organization was changed to Washington State Association of Activity Professionals (WSAAP).  Read more…


About Us — 4 Comments

  1. Sharon,

    I recommend that you get in touch with The Mountain Rainer Chapter. I would like to offer my e-mail address to share more information with you. weschecindy@timberridgelcs.com I then can forward your name to the chapter and some one to connect with. Thanks for reaching out to us. You know we have a Education conference in September in Spokane. CIndy

  2. Hello,

    My name is Heidi and I am an activity assistant in Bothell WA looking for my local Chapter. What one would best fit my location?

    Thanks, Heidi

  3. What should I do with the minutes manual from the North Central Chapter. We haven’t been active since May of 2014. I’m going to dispose of it if there’s nothing you need it for.

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